E-Book Reiki Taster

Free Mini Reiki e-book that gives the reader a small insite into the history of Usui Reiki and the man behind its development

E-Book Summary

This free mini Reiki taster e-book gives the reader an Introduction to Reiki the of History of  Reiki what Usui was like as a Man and a Teacher as well as how Usui Taught his students. It will also look at The Original Usui Reiki System and some  of  Usui’s  unusual students.

Please note this mini e-book only covers a very small part of what you would learn in either the full First Degree Shoden e-book or the full Second Degree Okuden e-book, it also does not contain the informative relaxing audio reiki exercises supplied with both the full reiki e-books. 


Jan Maunder

Highly recommended read. Easy to follow and understand very informative, and well organized. The mini e-book is great for an introduction to anyone thinking about learning the art of reiki and its free.

E-Book Pricing

  • Reiki Taster
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    Free mini e-book to help give the reader an basic understanding of what reiki is and how its energy works to heal strengthen